jackie harris-rude

chisago lakes school board

I am running for CL Schools

I am a Mom of five and a grandmother. I live in North Chisago Lakes Township and am proud of our excellent schools. I believe we are challenged with providing our kids the best education we can to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to live successful lives and become responsible members of our community.

I am running for CL School Board because I have concerns for the educational and emotional needs of our community's children. The current political pressures being placed on our schools, teachers and curriculum have injected chaos into our schools' ability to provide balance and stability for students. Common sense and facts elude decision-making and have been replaced with misleading and deluded information. My plan is to research and fact check issues before supporting decisions that impact our students, teachers, staff and schools. And, I plan to include parents, teachers, support staff and professionals in the planning process to better serve and meet our kids' needs.

I appreciate your support and ask for your vote on November 8.

-Jackie Harris-Rude

Vote Jackie Harris-Rude for Chisago Lakes School Board

We have known Jackie for many years, and know she would be a good choice for School Board. She is aware of the need to retain our excellent Chisago Lakes school system, and the impact it has, not only for our students and teachers, but also our entire communities. Excellent schools impact the value of our property, both when selling and attracting new buyers. And it impacts our economy in general, especially small businesses. People aren’t attracted to our community we have less money coming in.

Jackie is aware of the need for adequate funding to meet the needs of our children, and to attract and retain great teachers and staff.

As a former business owner she is aware of the need for community and schools to work together to maintain a good school system. She is also aware of the need for transparency in Planning and budget spending, keeping everyone informed.

Jackie’s daughter is a teacher, so she is also aware of issues that may arise. She has the common sense to work with everyone to successfully reach satisfactory solutions. Jackie is a hard worker, and will give this position her all!! She will make a great School Board member!!

Vote November 8th!!!

Thank you,

Bob and Laurie Burington


Jackie Harris-Rude is involved in her community and is determined to make a positive difference in the quality of life here. Whether that might be as a member of the Chisago Lakes School Board or by participating in educating people in her community about the climate crisis we face on a local and global level. She is a hard working, committed citizen who is not afraid to take on important issues and to fight for what is right.

Jackie made a presentation on environmental and climate crisis issues at my Church in Lindstrom. It was so impactful that a "Community for Creation Care" committee was created by church members to address, educate, and activate church members and the greater community to make a difference on this important issue.

Jackie is an open-minded thinker, devoted to improving how children are educated, and understands how critical it is to have enough qualified teachers along with an excellent curriculum.

NOVEMBER 8TH–VOTE FOR JACKIE HARRIS-RUDE FOR CHISAGO LAKES SCHOOL BOARD!! Jackie will work hard to serve the best interests of the students, staff, and the community.

Thank you,

Cathy Johnson

A VOTE for JACKIE is a vote for Honesty, Integrity, Experience, and Common Sense

I’ve known Jackie for 5 years. We have worked together on several committees. She brings integrity, common sense, and determination to all of her commitments. She is, and has been, invested in the Chisago Lakes Community for a long time, living, working, and volunteering her time and expertise.

She understands the importance of providing quality education and educational opportunities for our children in preparing them to be successful in their life. Having worked in business finance for 20 years, she understands the importance of having a workable financial base, clear goals, and managing money wisely and effectively to meet them. She understands the importance of optimum communication between the School District and our local communities. She is passionate about funding for education and educational programs; for attracting and retaining excellent teachers and staff; for school buildings and an environment that is safe. Jackie is Honest, Experienced, Transparent, and Trustworthy.

She is a wise choice to be on the Schoolboard.

Be Wise; Vote Smart. I’m voting for Jackie on November 8th!

(Kathleen) Cass Dennison

Shafer, MN

Jackie is energetic and caring

I am writing in support of Jackie Harris-Rude for Chisago Lakes School Board. Having volunteered with her, I know that Jackie is an energetic and caring individual in our community who will bring years of experience having served as a director or volunteer of many organizations. As a mother and grandmother, she cares deeply about the needs of our children and their parents, our great teachers and support staff. We all care about the well being and educational needs of our children. Jackie will step up and do a good job for our community as a member of the Chisago Lakes School Board!

Rich Smith

Taylors Falls, MN